Software for performance prediction under sail: PAP

PAP is the commercial release of our internal sailing yachts velocity prediction tool, developed and adapted through the last 6 years to the requirements of Sailing yachts Designers ranging from cruising yachts to America’s Cup prototypes.

PAP allows the selection of different methods for any component of lift and drag, as well as the use of custom sail coefficients. Some modules of PAP are oriented to design, manage and expand tank tests, run predictions based directly on tank results or CFD calculations. All these features are included in a clear yet powerful interface that includes import and export possibility, IMS files edit and even an internal LPP. This powerful tool is under constant improvement and models incorporation and is including more and more specifics characteristics (water ballast, canting keels, winglets, bulbs, catamarans, …) to cover all the new innovations in Yacht Design.

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