Arroutado (Photo: Nico Martinez)
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Racing Yachts
NautaTec's Specialty - High performance racing yachts

The first projects in which nautatec was involved were racing yachts and thus we feel fully identified with this activity. Today some succesful designs, either from our own design or in collaboration with other offices are sailing with full recognition at international level.

Some our first IMS racing design, Servipack (ILC30) built at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid a number of designs have come out of our drawing boards.

Within the Cruiser-Races class we can mention the last generation of  light and stiff designs with cruising confort as the IMS41  Petroushka (Ex Ono y Ex Cuidad de Melilla)  and the NautaTec 42 Arroutado (ex Ono). Since 2001 Nautatec has collaborated in the design of a number of IMS yachts with the Judel & Vrolijk design office in Germany.