Athena CFD
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Research Projects
Research and development projects - A key point of NautaTec's

Within a number of both, national and International research projects in which NautaTec has been involved a signifficant one is FLASH.

FLASH is a Esprit project of the EEC named "HPCN tools for enhanced hydrodynamic design of fast ships on parallel computing platforms".

CFD codes are one of the areas where the EEC has invested a signifficant effort and the immediate result for this project was SHINE, a powerful CFD code to solve the Navier-Stokes with free surface.

The partners within this project were E.N. Bazán, CIMNE, ENVC, SP Technologies, B.E.C. París, INESC and NautaTec,  that with its experience in High Speed craft was in charge of the valiadation of a number of ships: Athena (model of a semidisplacement ship), SP Craft (High speed planning craft) and "V" Craft (Planning hull with flaps). For this task a number of  model tank tests results were used to validate the codes.  (FLASH website)