Mediterraneo 79 ŠNautatec
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Special Crafts
Multipurpose crafts - No limits for your imagination

Special and non conventional Crafts are more and more demanded by clients and NautaTec's answer is proposing a range of innovative alternatives for each problem.

The need for faster, cheaper and more stable platforms with pleny of available space in the recreational field has forced the development of high performance power catamarans. The increase in the available deck space make these type of boats specially attractive, along with its good seakeeing characteristics.

Within the touristic field NautaTec has developed a product that was demanded for some time. Sailing catamarans of up to 150 passengers with submarine vision, fast, seaworthy, stable, roomy and with a "close to nature" feeling under sail have turned this type of solution the star for the touristic market. There are two 80 feet units built and  and a new series under construction for Trapsa, a 56 footer for 80 passengers, improved accessibility and accommodation for 8 persons in offchore trips.